December 17, 2015


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Let Your Customers Help You With Word-of-Mouth Marketing.

If you have entered the marketing process with your business, chances are you have heard the term word-of-mouth marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing produces results when one client recommends you to another potential client because of a personal experience with your company. This form of marketing used to exist in a “Tell a friend!” fashion, but thanks[…]

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2 Small Business Sales Tips to Bring Up Your Bottom Line.

Small businesses are all about the bottom line so new sales are extremely important. If you find your sales lacking, you may ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong in my pitch?” Here are two improvements you can make to your small business’ sales structure to turn those leads into conversions and bring up your[…]

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Small Business Success: Finding YOUR Customers by SBDC Fort Lauderdale

It would be great if small business marketing was similar to a sports game; an announced beginning, a strategic outline that is unlikely to change, and a definitive end. However, marketing for small businesses is a long term, ever evolving process. Here are three tips for your small business success without breaking the bank:

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How to Build a Successful Business Plan for Small Business from SBDC Fort Lauderdale

You have a great idea. You’ve researched the demand for your product/service, now you need a solid business plan for small business. Sure, there are many businesses that launch without one, but having a rock solid business planwill give you a much higher chance of

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The Single Best SEO Tool for Small Business Owners from SBDC Fort Lauderdale

If you’re a small business owner that hasn’t yet been introduced to the tangled web of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it can seem like a daunting and impossible task. You’ll hear phrases such as “Google Algorithm” and might just want to give up. Luckily for the non-SEO-savvy small business owner, there is a free tool

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3 Small Business Accounting Tips From SBDC Fort Lauderdale

As a small business owner, keeping track of the details of your financials can sometimes go to the back of the mind. But when there’s no system in place, unpleasant surprises can change your financial situation drastically. Here are five easy

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Customer Service 101; How Much Does Bad Customer Service Cost Your Business? Small Business Advice from SBDC Fort Lauderdale

We’ve all heard the phrase, “the customer is always right,” but are we truly acting on it on a daily basis and keeping our customers as happy as we can? Of course, there will always be that one customer that can just never be satisfied, but doing your best to keep

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Small Business Social Media Tips: Building Twitter Followers from SBDC Fort Lauderdale

The online equivalent of the tree falling in the forest, often the most debated aspect of small business social media marketing; if I’m not getting any responses, how can I be sure that my online presence is known? Twitter has many content theories, but here

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